Executive Committee Elections


Executive Committee Elections


Each year, Excellence Through Classics (ETC) elects several positions to theExecutive Committee. All ACL members in good standing are encouraged to apply. 

Nota Bene - The Executive Committee will elect a Chair of the Executive Committee from those holding current positions on the Executive Commitee. 

The Ad Hoc Nominating Committee reviews all applications and works to ensure that the ETC Executive Commitee is representative of the membership in languages, levels, regions, and other factors related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, as outlined by ACL’s Strategic Plan. Read Executive Committee position descriptions.

If you have any questions about your candidacy, please reach out to program@etclassics.org

See current election slate and prior election slate. 


New for 2021, and in accordance with Excellence Through Classics's desire to expand opportunities for volunteer leadership that reflect its commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, the timeline and application process for elections and bylaws consideration consideration has changed. ETC Members who wish to serve on the Excellence Through Classics Executive Commitee are encouraged to:

  1. Review the executive committee position descriptions.
  2. Complete the nomination form, including questions, personal statement, and media release form.  (limit 1 page).
  3. Record an introduction video on flipgrid.

The deadline for nominations is XXXXXXX

Note: If you would like the Nominating Committee to ask someone to apply, please fill out this form and the Committee will contact that person.

Next Steps:

  • The Nominating Committee will review the application using the attached rubric.
  • Selected candidates will be notified in XXXXX.


Please complete the following form for submission as an Executive Commitee nominee.


The following positions are being filled for 2022: Chair, Communications Chair, Program Chair, Public Relations Chair and Information Chair.