Professional Development

The world of Latin is constantly evolving, with new research, engaging resources, and innovative teaching methods emerging regularly. As a Latin teacher, staying current with these developments is crucial to fostering vibrant and effective learning experiences for your students. This is where professional development becomes your essential ally. Through workshops, conferences, webinars, and mentoring programs, you'll deepen your knowledge of the language, explore fresh pedagogical approaches, and gain valuable insights from experienced colleagues. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a passionate newcomer, these opportunities allow you to:

  • Master the nuances of the language: Delve deeper into grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation, ensuring you confidently guide your students.
  • Discover innovative teaching methods: Learn about engaging activities, technology integration, and differentiated instruction, keeping your classroom dynamic and student-centered.
  • Stay abreast of curriculum trends: Be informed about the latest developments in Latin education, ensuring your students are prepared for success in future endeavors.
  • Connect with a vibrant community: Network with fellow Latin educators, share best practices, and build a supportive network that fuels your passion and inspires collaboration.

Ultimately, investing in your professional development empowers you to create a more stimulating and impactful learning environment for your students. So, embark on this journey of continual learning, and watch your love for Latin translate into captivating lessons that ignite a passion for the language in your students.

Benefits of Participating:

  • Enhanced knowledge and skills: Gain fresh perspectives, learn new teaching methods, and explore innovative resources.
  • Collaboration and community: Connect with fellow educators, share experiences, and build a supportive network.
  • Improved student learning: Enhance your teaching practice and create engaging learning experiences for your students.
  • Stay informed: Address latest trends and challenges in Latin instruction.
  • Career advancement: Explore additional qualifications and leadership opportunities.

Formats Offered:

  • Zoom Webinars: Conveniently access insightful presentations and discussions from the comfort of your own home with either of our Personal Learning Community offerings.
  • Conferences: Network with a wider community of Latin educators, attend engaging sessions, and explore relevant vendors every June at ACL Institute.
  • Mentoring programs: Receive personalized guidance and support from experienced mentors in our mentoring program.
  • Extension learning: Learn at your own pace with with access to our on-demand video library with ETC LIVE