Novella Resources

Novella Resources


These engaging stories, written in easy-to-understand Latin, offer a gateway to a world of adventure, mythology, and history. From thrilling encounters with mythical creatures to heartwarming tales of everyday life, Latin novellas cater to all interests and reading levels.

Whether you're a seasoned Latin student or a curious beginner, these bite-sized narratives provide a fun and accessible way to improve your language skills while immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of Roman culture. 

ETC is dedicated to empowering teachers with comprehensive support for incorporating Latin novellas into their curriculum. We'll provide you with carefully curated book recommendations, insightful teaching tips, and interactive activities to maximize student engagement and learning outcomes.


Rufus et Arma Atra by Lance Piantaggini

Ridiculi et Horribiles Dei et Deae by Rachel Beth Cunning

Familia Mala by Andrew Olimpi