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Mission Statement 

(adopted 21-22)

ETC’s publications,  guidelines, resources and position statements elevate understanding and support for the value of the Latin language at all the middle and elementary levels of instruction. As it's goal, the Resources Committee of Excellence Through Classics works:

  • to foster collegiate collaboration among educators at all levels

  • to support Classics educators and students by providing access to necessary resources for the classroom and enrichment

  • To collate and curate existing resources and provide an updated compilation of recommended resources in each PRIMA publication

  • to develop and curate resources for teachers to help students to participate in various extracurricular enrichment activities, in conjunction with Contest Coordinator and Exams/Contests subcommittees

If you have any questions about resources, please contact the Resources Coordinator at


Position Statements

Teaching and Learning Remotely
Trauma Informed Teaching
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


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