ETC Board

Leading the Way

At ETC, we believe in strong leadership that guides us towards achieving our mission. Our dedicated Executive Committee plays a crucial role in shaping our strategic direction, overseeing operations, and driving positive change.

Meet the visionary individuals who comprise our leadership team:

Jenn Jarnagin, 2024
Interim Chair;

Traci Dougherty, 2023
Past Chair,

Nicole Wellington, 2031
Program Coordinator,

Cheryl Cheatham, 2024
Contests Coordinator;

Kevin Ballestrini, 2031
Resources Coordinator;

Madeline Briner, 2024
Public Relations Chair;

Laura Brogden, 2024
Engagement Chair,

Brad Savage, 2024
Information Chair;

Catherine Hayward, 2024
PRIMA Editor;

Sherwin Little (non-voting)
Executive Director;

Each member of our Executive Committee brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and passion to the table. Their commitment to our mission and values is at the forefront of everything we do.

ETC past chairs:

For a list of past leadership please see here.