Past Chairs

This list of outstanding teachers who have made this organization a dynamic, respected voice for classical langugues. Their vision and dedication should be an inspiration for all those who will follow in their footsteps.

Past Chairs List


Former Executive Committee Members

ETC has benefited from the unselfish leadership of hundreds of members who have served on the Exectuive Committee. These are the people who have assumed the added time and responsibility that Board service requires, providing guidance and the benefit of their experience as educators in the language profession.

We recognize and appreciate the vitally important contributions that these past Executive Committee members have made.

Former Exectuive Committee Members List

Charter Members

ETC is proud to recognize its charter members. These individuals joined ACL as it began promoting classical language learning in the United States. We all owe a debt of gratitude to them for their leadership and vision in this important mission that still continues today. We extend a heartfelt "thank you" to these individuals and to everyone who has helped ETC along the way.

Charter Members List