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Committee Update: National Latin Exam


Mark Keith from the National Latin Exam has given this update on the work they are doing with the ACL DEI lens. Check it out!

Members of the National Latin Exam (NLE)'s Writing and Steering Committee have met with their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee to discuss expectations and responsibilities during the exam writing process. They have determined a timeline for materials to be reviewed. 

Additionally, the NLE has added two new members to its DEI Committee! They are working on a presentation on how teachers can use past NLE passages and questions in their classrooms that were inappropriate and offensive as a means of promoting the introduction and discussion of difficult topics. The NLE says, "we are learning from our past mistakes and making them an opportunity for others to teach from them and learn from them as well."

Upcoming from the NLE are materials on their website for teachers to use to engage in such discussions in their classrooms. 

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