National Games

Nationwide Game Event

presented by Excellence Through Classics

hosted by Magister Brad Savage, Magistra Nicole Wellington, and Magistra Traci Dougherty


 December 15, 2022 

1:30 pm -2:30 pm EDT


THEME: "Saturnalia"    and "12 Labors of Hercules"


In celebration of National Classics Week, Excellence Through Classics (ETC) is running another nationwide online gaming event for Latin students across the nation. 

In order to play, students will need a device with internet access.  The contest will focus on the cultural theme listed above. The code to access the game and more detailed instructions will be posted below. Nota Bene - The game will not include Latin questions related to vocabulary or grammar. 

Please email any pictures of students playing and your student winners to our PRIMA Publication Editor at

To get ready to play, follow the steps listed below! Let’s break last year's record of 646 student participants from over 16 states!!!! Citius, Altius, Fortius!!!!

Zoom Registration Link (Teachers and Students must both register)

Students may need two devices to play (one to access Zoom webinar and one to play); likely a cell phone and laptop will do! 

Prior Results (published in PRIMA)

On Friday, April 16th, 2021, 31 Latin students from the United States (at least 4 states including IL, NJ, NY, and PA) competed in our National Classics Week Blooket game hosted by Excellence through Classics (ETC)

Magistra Traci Dougherty, Magistra Nava Cohen and Magister Brad Savage appeared in a livestream Zoom video. See photos of the event here!

In addition to the Zoom Webinar Room, students were able to access a YouTube live stream of the game questions in real time. While there was a bit of a lag on the livestream, the event was a success! Thank you all for your passion, patience, and understanding.

A special shout out to our teacher participants: Magistri Magistraeque Buczek, Cohen, Dougherty, Lamb, Quinn, and Savage. Briefly, student Shea Joyce made an appearance as a teacher!  Our teacher winner was SwiftStaff aka Magistra Quinn!

Topping the leaderboards, we are pleased to release the official results of student winners:

  1. DragonHand aka Shira Klein

    From Sandy Run Middle School in Dresher, PA; Magistra Traci Dougherty
  2. StrongPetal aka Olivia Morcini

    From Sandy Run Middle School in Dresher, PA; Magistra Traci Dougherty
  3. FireBringer aka Luke Tumulty

    From East Syracuse Minoa Central High School in East Syracuse, NY.; Magister Christopher Buzcek
  4. DaisyFinder aka Nadia Shaaban

    From Einstein Academy in Elgin, IL; Magister Brad Savage
  5. GiantGarden aka Emmanuelle Kramer

    From Sandy Run Middle School in Dresher, PA; Magistra Traci Dougherty

Congratulations on a job well done!

Want more? 

Play the Assignment Version of our last Saturnalia Game