National Games

Nationwide Game Event

presented by Excellence Through Classics

hosted by Sandy Run Middle School and Magistra D, Magistra Cohen, and Magister Savage


 April 16, 2021 

1:00 pm -2:00 pm EDT


THEME: "Daily Life in the Ancient World" & “Famous Ancient Mediterraneans”


In celebration of National Classics Week, Excellence Through Classics (ETC) is running another nationwide online gaming event for Latin students across the nation. We will be hosting the game on April 16th!

In order to play, students will need a device with internet access.  The contest will focus on the cultural theme of  "Daily Life in the Ancient World" and “Famous People of the Ancient Mediterranean  The code to access the game, the live stream video, and more detailed instructions will be posted below. Nota Bene - The game will not include Latin questions related to vocabulary or grammar. 

Please email any pictures of students playing and your student winners to our PRIMA Publication Editor at

To get ready to play, follow the steps listed below! Let’s break last year's record of 646 student participants from over 16 states!!!! Citius, Altius, Fortius!!!!

Zoom Registration Link (Teachers and Students Register)

Students will need two devices to play (one to access Zoom webinar to see the questions and one to answer the questions); likely a cell phone and laptop will do! 

Prior Results December 2020 (published in PRIMA)

On Friday, Dec. 11, 2020, 235 Latin students from the United States and China competed in our international Saturnalia Kahoot hosted by Excellence Through Classics (ETC). 

Magistrae Traci Dougherty and Nava Cohen appeared in a livestream Zoom video with a very small live student audience featuring Sandy Run Middle School eighth grade students. See photos of the event here!

In addition to the filled Zoom Webinar Room, students were able to access a YouTube livestream of the Kahoot questions in real time. While there was a bit of lag on the livestream, the event was a success! Thank you all for your passion, patience, and understanding.

A special shout-out to our nearly 40 teacher participants: Magistri Magistraeque Auerbach, Berman, Buczek, Burns, C. Rollston, Cannon, Cerrato, Cohen, Corona, DeCamp, Dever, DiMarco, Dougherty, Fireman, Flynn, Galatioto-Ruff, Hollensteiner, Hudec, Jordt, Manning, McGuire, Miller, Morris-Kliment, Morvis, Murray, Nguyen, Nosonowitz, Rook, Savage, Sharma, Simone, Somerville, Sutter, Truitt, Dever, Vitt, Watts and Zeitzer.

Our teacher winners were AgentUnicorn (Magister D), TropicalDove, (Magister Savage) and MightyMouse (Magister Z).

We are pleased to release the official results of student winners, topping the leaderboard,:

  1. BrightShark 24481 points | Foster O’QuinnJackson Prep; Jackson, MS; Magistra Beth Watts
  2. GoldenPanther 23600 points | Ellyn WaitsJackson Prep; Jackson, MS; Magistra Beth Watts
  3. TropicalGecko 22659 points | Jack DeHaanRye Country Day School; Rye, NY; Magister Daniel Murray

For the 131 students who played the assignment version of the game, we are pleased to release the official results:

  1. ExpertSphinx, 25289 points
  2. GentleCrab, 22893 points
  3. ExpertOwl, 22781 points

Special shout-out to the students who opted to extend their personal learning, including: DandyZebra, GeniusDove, AgileLizard, and SoaringDragon.

Congratulations on a job well done!

Want more? 

Play the Assignment Version of our Saturnalia Game