Open Meeting

Open Meeting @ ACL Institute

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Click here to access ETC Open Meetings materials presented @ prior ACL Institutes.

During this public business meeting, several Executive Committee members present the "State of the ETC." It is a chance for our membership to hear about this year's ETC happenings, new initiatives, election and bylaw information, contest results (NME: Medusa, NME: Pegasus, ELE, SCRIBO), resources, (ETC LIVE), award results (Petrino Award), as well as different funding and volunteer opportunities. Attending the Open Meeting also allows members to propose new ideas for the upcoming year, participate in the voting process, and to collaborate with colleagues who also teach elementary and middle levels.

This year's ETC Open Meeting will be happening both virtually and in person at ACL Institute. 

IF you are an Institute, we look forward to seeing your in person. If not, please click here to join us virtually. 

              • Saturday, June 25, Institute Sessions
              • Meeting: 2:45 p.m. - 3:45 p.m.