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For Elementary, Middle School, & Introductory Classics Programs.
Applicants MUST be a member of ACL at the time of the request. ETC does not award grants for books, reference materials, or textbooks.
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 If you are interested in funding for books or building a library, please apply for a book grant through the National Committee for Latin and Greek Book Grant.

To see a detailed list of previously awarded grants, please click here. 


Irene Hall, $750
To send Discovery Charter School students to see a Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey production based on Greek mythology.

Joseph Marquette, $250
For materials to launch a middle school Classics program including classroom visuals, props, historical maps, and posters.

Kimberly Freeman, $300
To purchase books and materials for a middle-school Latin & Classical Studies exploratory course

Augusta County Institute for Classical Studies, $200
To develop and publish lessons and activities promoting the study of ancient Greek in the elementary school.

Stuart Davis, $350
To present a workshop detailing a Classical Studies curriculum suitable for 1st and 2nd graders at the 2005 ACL Institute.

Zee Ann Poerio, $300
To purchase new materials for the first Ancient Coin Museums and sponsor Elementary School activities including a contest, in conjunction with Ancient Coins for Education.

Rhodes College & David Sick, $200
To purchase Classical Studies-related books for a mentoring program between Classics students at Rhodes College and elementary children at a Memphis public school.

Cathy Scaife, $245
To travel to an exhibition of the Ancient Coin Museum in Pittsburgh. To deliver presentations on ancient coins to both students and teachers in conjunction with the exhibit.

Stacie Turner, $705
To assist high school Latin students in developing and implementing a mosaic workshop for middle and elementary school students in the Bristol, Conn. area.

Augusta County Institute for Classical Studies, $1,000
Latin Summer program.

Susie Scoppa, $350
To present "A Field Trip in the Palm of Your Hand: Roman Coins" at the 2004 ACL Institute.

Victoria Lehman, $300
To present "Victoria's Secret: Techniques for Motivating the Masses using the Theory of Multiple Intelligences" at the 2004 ACL Institute.

Zee Ann Poerio, $350
To collaborate with "Minimus" author Barbara Bell on trans-Atlantic projects promoting and advancing K-8 Classical Studies.