ETC Board



Krystal Kubichek, Term expires 2020
Public Relations and Chair; OR

Donna Seidman, Term expires 2020
Information Chair;

Traci Dougherty, Term expires 2020
Communications Chair;

Stephanie Krause, Term expires 2020
Program Chair;

Andrew Carroll, Term expires 2022
Resource Coordinator;

Micheal Posey, Term expires 2022
PRIMA Editor;

Sherwin Little
Executive Director;

Nava Cohen, Term expires 2024
ELE Chair;

ELE Committee Members:

Ian Hochberg
Kris Tracy
Catherine Stancil
Brandy Henricks-Marson
Amanda Wall
Andrew Carroll

Zee Ann Poerio, Term expires 2020
Classics Club Chair;

Classics Club Committee Members:

Ruth Ann Besse
Chris Buczek
Penny Cipilone
Donna Seidman
Kris Tracy

Cheryl Cheatham, Term expires 2021
National Mythology Exam Chair;

NME Committee Members:

Tashi Treadway
Andrea Stehle
Caitlin Campbell
Nathalie Roy
Micheal Posey
Nora Kelley


Traci Dougherty
Scribo Chair;

Scribo Committee Members:

Emily Lewis 
Michael Posey
Leo Mahler
Ruth Loop
Tracey Seiler
Stephanie Krause
Christopher Buzcek






ETC past chairs:

For a list of past leadership please see here.