Sample National Mythology Exam

General Mythology Example Questions -- (30 question general section required for all students)

Sample questions for the subtests #41-90.

1. The Greek and Roman names which do NOT belong together are

a. Juno and Artemis **
b. Minerva and Athena
c. Vesta and Hestia
d. Mercury and Hermes

2. The item associated with Hades is

a. a cap of invisibility **
b. a trident
c. an anvil
d. a magic wand

1. The Iliad, Book XXI: The following questions refer to the quote below.

"Do you not see what a man I am, how huge, how splendid and born of a great father and the mother who bore me immortal?" (XXI: 108-109)

The speaker is
a. Hektor
b. Achilleus**
c. Patroklos
d. Lykaon

The "mother" referred to is
a. Venus
b. Hekabe
c. Thetis **
d. Pasithea

3. The Aeneid, Book XI: The following question refers to the quote below.

"Was it you, poor boy, that Fortune
Would not let me keep when she came smiling?" (XI: 56-57)

Aeneas was speaking about

a. Turnus
b. Evander
c. Pallas **
d. Iulus

On her shoulder Camilla carried

a. a golden bow, Diana's weapon **
b. an owl, Minerva's wisdom
c. a cape, Mercury's deceit
d. a bronze ax, Vulcan's strength

2. The Odyssey, Book XXIV

A Greek whom the suitors did NOT meet in the Underworld was

a. Akhilleus
b. Laertes **
c. Agamemnon
d. Patroklos

When Odysseus first saw his father in the orchard,

a. he ran forward and kissed him
b. he sent his companion ahead with a gift of gold
c. he decided to interrogate him **
d. he immediately began to tell him of his adventures

Sample questions for the second section, Myth Exam Theme (Atalanta) #31-40.

3. Aphrodite is to Venus as Poseidon is to

a. Vulcan
b. Neptune **
c. Pluto
d. Jupiter

4. Arachne and Athena competed in a

a. tug of war
b. foot race
c. weaving contest **
d. beauty pageant

4. The god who ruled the Underworld was called

a. Poseidon
b. Ares
c. Hades **
d. Hermes

5. One of the following statements is true

a. Uranus was Father Earth.
b. Amaltheia cared for baby Hermes.
c. There were twelve Titans. **
d. Gaea was the wife of Cronus.

6. The ROMAN god who protected travelers and thieves was

a. Ceres
b. Mars
c. Mercury **
d. Vulcan

7. Poseidon was the Greek god of

a. hunting
b. the sea **
c. merchants
d. the hearth

8. Ares was an unpopular god because he

a. caused tidal waves
b. guided people down to Hades
c. made the seasons change from summer to winter
d. was vain and cruel **

9. Hephaestus was a skilled

a. jeweler
b. blacksmith
c. weapon maker
d. all of the above **

Sample questions for the second section, Myth Exam Theme (Atalanta) #31-40.

1. Atalanta was raised in the wilderness by a

a. hunter and his wife
b. she-wolf
c. shepherdess
d. she-bear **

2. Atalanta and Melanion were transformed into lions because they

a. cheated in the footrace
b. refused to return the golden apples
c. did not show the proper respect to Zeus **
d. all of the above