PRIMA is the newsletter of the ETC.  PRIMA strives to serve educators of the classics at all levels. In PRIMA, readers find articles from teachers around the world showcasing best-teaching practices and exemplary activities.  Readers will also see examples of student work that other teachers have provided to share their students’ accomplishments.


PRIMA is now a fully virtual newsletter and is published yearly. Additional issues are published as needed.  Deadline for Fall submissions is October 15; for the Spring issue: April 15. In early June, PRIMA releases a mini-issue to highlight events prior to the American Classical League Summer Institute.

Prior issues of PRIMA can be downloaded/printed or a print copy can be purchased directly from the Joomag site.

If you have an article or activity you would like to submit to PRIMA, ETC would love to have it.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Articles should appeal to the instructional, administrative, or research interesting of foreign/second language educators at the (pre-) elementary-collegiate levels of instruction.
  • Articles should be substantive and present new ideas or new applications of information related to current trends and teaching in the language field.
  • Articles should be approximately 500-750 words in length (longer articles are appreciated and can be accommodated with some advance notice)
  • Photographs, illustrations, graphs, tables and charts to accompany your article would be greatly appreciated – digital photos that can be relayed electronically via an email are preferred! Please obtain media releases for anyone featured in photos that you submit.  You can find ETC's Media Release Form here.
  • Be well written, clearly organized and carefully proofread.
  • A suggested title should be included.
  • Where possible also include subheadings to enhance readability.
  • Be clear and comprehensible. Use simple language and avoid jargon.
  • Provide steps. If your article is a "how-to" or case study, provide information on how others might duplicate your success.
  • Support generalizations with facts and practical examples.
  • Include direct, interesting quotes from your sources.  Use a variety of current, credible sources for data and opinions.
  • Check out previous issues to get a sense of the writing and audience. You can download past issues of PRIMA at:
  • Include a short biographical paragraph (which will accompany the article). Also include a headshot of you (or a picture of you teaching) and work information (school, location, classes taught).
  • Deadline for Fall submissions is October 15; for the Spring issue: April 15.
  • All articles submitted for inclusion in PRIMA will be edited by the editor and a proof of the submission will be provided to the contributor(s) for recommendations, suggestions, corrections, etc. for final approval prior to the press date.

To submit contributions or discuss article submissions, please email PRIMA editor Michael Posey at

To access prior year's issues of PRIMA, please click here.