Personal Learning Communities (PLCs).

Here, educators, gather online to share best practices, tackle challenges, and refine your craft in collaborative groups tailored to your specific interests and needs. Dive into discussions, explore curated resources, and engage in meaningful peer-to-peer learning opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a passionate newcomer, our PLCs offer a supportive space to learn, grow, and shape the future of education alongside like-minded individuals. Discover a community that inspires, challenges, and empowers you to reach your full potential.

  • PLC Description:
    • Join the Community Work Hour PLC, a dynamic work hour where you can create, share, and refine effective materials with fellow educators. Come prepared with ideas or existing resources you'd like to improve, and we'll work together in a collaborative and supportive environment.
      • Why join?
        • Boost your resource library: Collaborate with others to create fresh, engaging materials that fit your specific needs and teaching styles.
        • Get expert feedback: Share your drafts and revisions, receiving valuable insights and suggestions from your peers.
        • Save time and energy: Leverage the collective expertise of the group to develop high-quality resources faster and more efficiently.
      • How it works:
        • Monthly work hour: Dedicate one hour each week to focused collaboration and resource development.
        • Flexible participation: Join for the entire hour or drop in for specific tasks as needed.
        • Open format: Bring your own ideas and projects, or suggest topics for collaborative creation.
    • Lead Facilitator: Traci Dougherty and Jenn Jarnagin
  • PLC Description:
    • Join the Middle School Pedagogical Roundtable PLC, a vibrant community where you can connect, collaborate, and elevate your teaching practice. We foster open dialogue on topics relevant to middle schoolers, exploring trends, seeking solutions, and sharing valuable resources.
      • What makes us unique:
        • Focused Discussions: Dive deep into topics specific to middle school Latin and Classics instruction, tackling challenges and exploring best practices.
        • Collaborative Spirit: Share your ideas, questions, and experiences with fellow educators in a supportive and encouraging environment.
        • Flexible Participation: Join quarterly Zoom meetings or attend the annual in-person session at the ACL Institute in June. Participate in as many discussions as suit your schedule.