Frequently Asked Questions


  1. When does my subscription expire? Subscriptions run concurrently with ACL Memberships. Therefore, a yearly subscription expires on August 31.

  2. What is included in the subscription? Teachers get access to the entire ETC Live Video Library with all past sessions, as well as links to upcoming Live sessions which can be shared with students.

  3. How do I share the videos with my students? When you purchase the subscription, you get access to the ETC Live Video Library. You can share the links to videos with students to have them watch prior videos. In order to share upcoming webinars with students, you will need to share the registration links found on the subscription page’s “Upcoming Webinars” document.

  4. Do my students need to purchase a subscription? No. Teachers are given access to the links and documents which can be shared with their students.

  5. Do other teachers in my district need to purchase a subscription? At this time, ETC Live is offered to individual teachers for use with their own students in either a classroom setting or club setting. If you are interested in purchasing a group subscription for your district, please contact

  6. What age group are videos intended for? ETC Live videos are typically intended for high school and middle school students. Some videos will be tagged only as “High School”. These, while they can be shown in a middle school classroom, typically are lecture-style and include topics and information that is intended for more advanced students. ETC Live recommends teachers preview these prior to showing to middle school students. ETC Live recommends that teachers preview any video before showing it to elementary students.