Elections 23-24


Executive Committee Elections


Candidates are listed by the office and then alphabetically by first name.  All candidates are currently members of the American Classical League.  To gain further insight into the duties of any of these positions, please consult the graphic below or the bylaws.

Nota Bene - members are reminded that ACL/ETC has a strict "no campaigning" policy. 

Please view the hyperlinked CVs by clicking below, as well consider our candidates personal statements and responses to the short response questions. 

Excellence Through Classics' Nominations Committee is happy to announce this year's election slate as follows: 

Membership Chair
Information Chair
Public Relations Chair

Membership Chair Candidate(s)  |  Information Chair Candidate(s) |  Public Relations Chair Candidate(s)

Voting will open via google form on Monday, January 22nd 5:00 pm EST to Wednesday, January 31st, 5:00 pm EST 

Membership Chair Candidate(s)



In the 2020-2021 academic year, Laura Brogden played a pivotal role as the singular Latin representative on the Ohio World Language Standards Revision Committee. Leading with effectiveness, she orchestrated a shift towards a more inclusive teaching method within Walnut Hills High School's Classics department, spanning grades 7-12. Laura's influence extended citywide as she supported educators in the Cincinnati Public School district, instigating the adoption of the same inclusive approach from the 5th-grade level. Through the integration of novellas and tailored district curriculum maps that consider student narratives and preferences, Laura significantly enhanced the overall educational experience. Currently, she remains an active contributor to both the Excellence Through Classics (ETC) Awards Committee and the American Classical League's (ACL) Racial and Ethnic Diversity and Inclusion (REDI) committee, showcasing her continued dedication to advancing classical education.



Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: What will you do to advance the diversity of our Committee?

I am committed to reaching out to fellow educators, ensuring they are well-informed about the manifold benefits of Excellence Through Classics (ETC) and how it can significantly enhance their teaching practices and positively impact students. My approach is to encourage their involvement at a level that aligns with their comfort. In addition, I have played a pivotal role in advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) within my department by spearheading the adoption of more inclusive teaching methodologies for our 2500 inner-city student body. Moreover, I actively supported the promotion of the nascent Black Students in Classics affinity group in 2022 and continue to advocate for their sessions among my students.

Helping the Profession: What needed initiatives do you think will continue to progress ETC forward in its values, mission, and work? 


I believe that effective publicity aimed at expanding our membership is paramount. With increased awareness and involvement, we can subsequently broaden our programming, awards, and offerings. To facilitate this, I propose the development of ready-to-go lessons, some of which could be made available for free and others for purchase. Additionally, organizing regularly scheduled virtual lesson plan brainstorming sessions, where experienced teachers provide guidance and share materials with new teachers, would be beneficial. A well-indexed resource list should be implemented to assist teachers in easily finding the materials they need. Furthermore, enhancing the ETC store with a greater variety of award and incentive items would contribute to our members' overall experience.


Information Chair Candidate(s)


Brad Savage

Personal Statement

Brad Savage, the Chair of Classics at Flint Hill School in Oakton, Virginia, brings a wealth of experience and scholarly achievement to his role. With eight years of teaching Latin and English in Chicago, including a year at the Tempe Preparatory Academy, Brad has showcased his dedication to classical education. Brad holds his Master of Arts in Classics from the University of Washington and dual Bachelor's degrees from The Ohio State University in Classics and Political Science. Recognized for his excellence, he was awarded a Goldman Sachs Fellowship for summer studies at the American Academy in Rome in 2016, and he actively participates in educational initiatives as the Information Chair for the Excellence Through Classics committee of the American Classical League and a member of the Outreach Committee for the National Latin Exam. Brad's multifaceted contributions underscore his passion for Classics and commitment to enriching the educational landscape.



Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: What will you do to advance the diversity of our Committee?

As the chair of my department, I take on the responsibility of overseeing a multitude of courses and events, a task made challenging by the diverse pedagogical styles of our four Latin teachers. Managing this diversity, I employ a three-pronged approach. Firstly, I am a staunch advocate for inclusivity, championing the incorporation of varied learning styles, textbooks, and overseeing diverse projects at both the middle and high school levels. Secondly, I actively promote outreach efforts, personally teaching a course in the lower school, and ensuring our Classics club engages with different communities within our school to communicate a sense of welcome. Notably, our club includes students who aren't enrolled in Latin classes, emphasizing our commitment to inclusivity. Lastly, I prioritize amplifying voices by infusing our department's standard AP curriculum with a rich variety of sources, including novellae and Latin from different time periods. This deliberate approach ensures that our students encounter a broad spectrum of literature, fostering a comprehensive understanding of the classical world.

Helping the Profession: What needed initiatives do you think will continue to progress ETC forward in its values, mission, and work?  

Although ETC has emerged as one of the most dynamic segments within ACL, there remains a pervasive lack of understanding about our identity. To address this, we've embarked on efforts to reconsider our name and redefine our mission. It's crucial to acknowledge that the success of events like ACL hinges significantly on the contributions of ETC members. Moving forward, it's imperative for ETC to navigate the challenge of sustaining its recent, almost exponential growth—an objective that Stephanie deemed essential. To fully realize our mission, it's paramount that we actively work on enhancing awareness of who we are and the impact we make.

Public Relations Chair Candidate(s)


Akash Patel

Personal Statement

Maddie Briner, having dedicated eight years to teaching Latin across K-12 levels, currently celebrates her sixth year at Porter-Gaud School in Charleston, SC, with a primary focus on middle school Latin (grades 5-8).  She actively engages in the classical education community through her involvement with JCL and ACL. She earned distinction as the chosen representative for ACL at ACTFL's Leadership Initiative for Language Learning (LILL), showcasing her commitment to advancing language education with her multifaceted contributions.



Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: What will you do to advance the diversity of our Committee?
Collaborating closely with my school's DEI coordinator, I've taken proactive steps to align my classroom lessons and materials with DEI standards. Moving forward, my commitment extends to ensuring that the Excellence Through Classics (ETC) website and resources are designed to be equitable and accessible for all ETC members and students.
Helping the Profession: What needed initiatives do you think will continue to progress ETC forward in its values, mission, and work? 

My primary objective is to enhance the functionality and accessibility of the ETC website, aiming for a streamlined and organized platform that caters to the needs of ETC's member base. Additionally, I intend to maintain impactful social media campaigns characterized by clear and concise posts, ensuring effective communication of ETC's events and resources.