Contest Webinars


Exams/Contests Webinars:

In the month of November, Excellence Through Classics offers a series of webinars about our exams, contests, and resources available to teachers.

Join each exam chair to hear about the prior year's exam results, registration dates and themes, and new exam changes. You will also have the opportunity to hear from committee members and teachers about how they prepare their students for the National Mythology Exam: Pegasus, National Mythology Exam: Medusa, Exploratory Latin Exam, and the SCRIBO Composition Contest.

The ETC Exam/Contest webinar series will run on Tuesdays in November at 7:30pm EST.   Announcements about upcoming ETC webinar series will go out regularly by email to ACL members.  

If you have any questions about ETC Webinars, please contact the Exam/Contest Coordinator at